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Thread: NDI connect for Skype & teleprompter?

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    NDI connect for Skype & teleprompter?

    We have a client that would like to use their Skype PC with a teleprompter and record it locally, for training purposes. They want to use Skype to train public speakers on how to read a script on-air without sounding like they are reading. The person would be dialed-up on Skype, and instead of seeing the person that's called them, they'd see the output of the teleprompter on their screen. Would it be possible to do this with one PC configured with NDI connect, NDI ISOCorder, and Skype and another PC acting as the teleprompter? Send the prompter signal out of the computer and into the NDI connect input, start Skype, and then have the Skype program use the prompter input as it's local 'camera' source, then have that same PC record the skype input signal?

    If not, anyone have any other ideas?

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    You can use NDI Transmit to take a feed of an NDI source (Autocue NDI teleprompter) to send that back to your Skype caller. You don't even need the TriCaster involved.

    You can test this out free with a watermarked/trial version of the application.

    You can record the output using NDI scan converter on the same Skype receive PC and then record on another with IsoCorder.

    This is an interesting application ... Let us know how it goes.

    Fritz Golman
    Museum of Broadcast Communications


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