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Thread: Connecting Sony EVIH100V to the Net 1 Net 2 on Tricaster 460

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    Smile Connecting Sony EVIH100V to the Net 1 Net 2 on Tricaster 460

    Hello All,

    So I have 2 Sony EVI H100Vs (model where the video out is DVI not SDI ) that I am using for a concert gig and I was wondering if anyone knows if I can go DVI to ethernet/Cat5 into the Net inputs on the Tricaster in order to get video from the cameras?? This would save me having to go DVI>SDI and take up two camera inputs on the Tricaster 460. Keep in mind my 460 is not NDI equipped yet otherwise this would be pretty simple from what I am gathering. My question really just lies in can DVI > Cat5 transmit the video signal to the tricaster?

    Edit: So my plan would be to use something like these:

    to extend the video signal and run the cameras on the overhead truss

    Or to convert so SDI I was gonna use the monoprice DVI>SDI
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    Those DVI extender only work with themselves, they do no turn the DVI into an IP stream that anything (TriCaster or otherwise) would be able to access.

    What could work is on another computer use a HDMI to USB converter like a Magewell or AJA to take in the DVI output of the camera (use a DVI to HDMI adapter). Then on this system run the free NDI Connect software. Now your camera would be coming in as NDI and your NET inputs could accept them as live video inputs.
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