I have a character that needs a control rig and to be honest I've not done any serious character animation for 10 years or more. I'm likely to need to make the chap run about, walk, climb, jump, etc... and now considering my options for rigging it. I guess the obvious choice is Genoma, but presets won't totally suit and there doesn't seem to be many tutorials around for building up from the rig parts. It also seems kind of heavy in the layout scene view - does it really need all that control stuff?!

I guess the alternate is Rhiggit, but not sure committing £120 is a viable option as this could just be a one off and it's an unpaid project. Next option is a DIY rig, but not sure I got the skills or patience for that! Does anyone know of other options out there (preferably free/low cost) that I should be considering?


Forgot to mention the rig will need to be a kind of T-Rex legged one!