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Thread: Is ChronoSculpt just sculpting or animation as well?

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    Is ChronoSculpt just sculpting or animation as well?

    Does it include features for animation or will I need Lightwave for that? Is it just modeling/ sculpting? What about UV mapping ? Rigging/ bones or weight painting? Thanks.

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    Chronosculpt is for modifying dynamic simulation cache data.

    It is NOT a sculpting package like Zbrush or a modelling package, you will need LW for that.
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    yep, Chronosculpt is best used for tweaking Bullet simulations.

    it's more of a niche VFX tool
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    gotcha. Thanks for clarification.

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    Yes - it's great for fine tuning Bullet simulations. I used here to stop the "jitters" once the sim finished.

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    I mean you could use it for scultping...but it more about correcting any point baked data on a timeline. Even character animation. CS timeline is such a great design. I hope they eventually continue to dev it or bring some of the features to lw.


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