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Thread: Green screen lighting for talent in live sets

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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    Will for sure look at what the Variac can pull off, thanks again.
    A Variac is simply a variable transformer. Where as the cheap, scr, triac, etc. type dimmers work by electronically altering the shape of the output AC. So instead of a nice smooth curve (if your were to look on a scope), it instead gets clipped. That causes problems if what you're trying to dim is also basically electronic in nature or a gas discharge type of light such as neon.

    A variac simply reduces the sine wave's max peak but the wave shape remains clean.

    Ffrankly, for use in lighting a greenscreen, simply fine tuning the light-to-screen distance to set intensity would be quicker or clip on some diffusion if you've too much. More distance from light to screen will also even things out. That ol' inverse square law works both ways.

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    Professional lights are expensive and get hot. We have people standing in the studio sometimes for up to 4 hours. The Keying system in the Tricaster is great and all we need is in the ceiling florescent bulbs. Works really well, pulls a clean key. They do exactly what we need them to.
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    a slight worry i have is that i'm using a Panasonic G7, so video is quite compressed, no Raw signal.

    guess all i can do is to make a few tests  
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    If you run the LIVE video from camera output into TriCaster and apply the key at that time, then the camera video is NOT compressed yet, should be an uncompressed 4:2:2 stream right from the sensor. If you play back pre-recorded video from the SD card later, then that is of course highly compressed and will not key as well.



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      If you play back pre-recorded video from the SD card later, then that is of course highly compressed and will not key as well.
    yep, so will either have to find ways about it, or buy a much more expensive camera.
    don't own a TriCaster, but i think G7 can stream, though not while looking through the viewfinder...
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    I've had success using gel (Lee 738) with conventional lights on the greenscreen drops. Lighting them with green-gelled lights dramatically reduces the return of other color spectrum into the lens from your backdrops. If using LED, I've also pushed them full green.
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    Eric, this looks like a great alternative! Two questions:

    - What bulbs are included, are these professional fluorescents? I've been recommended to use one green fluorescent light in the mix.
    - Can these be attached to the wall or ceiling?

    Thanks as always, Eric!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Pratt View Post
    I'm going to go with the shameless plug option: Darim Light bars
    A pair of them are enough to evenly light an 8x10.
    Here they are with one of their screens:
    Attachment 136526
    It's not the cheapest solution (I too used to use the Home Depot option) but extremely portable which is a must for me.
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