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Thread: Keyboard not "switching"

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    Keyboard not "switching"

    Running AE on a 460-
    Keyboard not "Switching" (cutting F keys for inputs, spacebar to dissolve, shortcuts for DSKs)
    I have tried multiple keyboards in multiple USB ports. Checked the device manager....
    Mouse works fine..... Keyboard works fine in non-switching functions (I can edit a name on a CG with the keyboard no prob)

    Any ideas? Is there a secret shortcut that kills the switching capabilities on a keyboard?

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    In the macro tool, is there a checkmark next to the System Commands at the top of the list? If the checkmark has been cleared, all keyboard shortcuts would be disabled.
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    You are the best! That did the trick. Thanks so much. . . .

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    My keyboard is slightly different.
    I have had my operators tell me that their keyboard is not selecting on the preview bank during a session.
    I believe this is caused by a random or stray mouse click or key tap. How do I get the keyboard as a switcher function back during a session?
    I get phone calls to fix this and I cannot figure out what is happening when I am not around.

    Another thing that consistently happens with one operator is that the Preview bank quicks working. Is there a key tap on the keyboard that makes the PREVIZ active?

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    What model and version? I'm not aware of anything that will prevent the keyboard to stop working, unless you disabled the commands like in the post mentioned above.

    Is the keyboard working for other commands? It's not that the USB has stopped communicating?

    For PreViz are you talking about trying to select it as channel on the switcher bus? PreViz doesn't work that way, it is a 'temp' M/E for you to work in and it is not possible to put it on program output, this is by design. To see the PreViz you need to select it in one of your viewports on the multiview display. Once you are happy with what is in PreViz you copy this information into one of the M/E to use in the production.
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    Could they be accidentally delegating the transition control away from BKGD and over to the DSKs? That might make the preview bus appear to stop working in your preview monitor because the look-ahead preview would be showing the DSK changes instead. Those shortcuts are [ ] \ backspace and insert. They can also be done by clicking in the UI on the thumbnails for the DSKs. If they think it happens again, tell them to try tapping the [ key and see if that fixes it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kltv View Post
    Could they be accidentally delegating the transition control away from BKGD and over to the DSKs?
    I had a situation where volunteers with next to no real knowledge of the system would inadvertently delegate DSKs and then be baffled as to why switching didn't do what they expected. I modified the spacebar shortcut to always do a Background Auto, rather than just an Auto - problem solved.
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    I guess a better explanation is needed. What exactly doesn't work? If I delegate to a DSK, I can still select sources on preview, just when I AUTO or TAKE it doesn't perform that action on background.
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