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Thread: Overwrite files with Datalink in AE

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    Overwrite files with Datalink in AE


    I'm able to get the data from our Allsport CG in our TC 8000 AE, however is there an easy way to overwrite the files for future events without losing the datalink command keys? Or am I completely missing it when trying to put together our graphics.

    Right now, the easiest way I've found is to create all of the graphics on an external version of Livetext, including all of the Daktronics and Datalink text keys. I then export each page one by one and overwrite the previous .cgxml file. The first time through, I do have to go in and retype the Datalink text keys in order for it to see the data in the text file.

    Any help would be appreciated...


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    I think I do something similar to what you do. I am currently in baseball season and use Data Link from a web app to feed my Scorebug, Bios, and a couple extra lines for freelance text fields.

    I have built a "master session" for my graphics. I go in and update teams names, colors, logos and then hit save when it is all done. I always have to go back in and add back my data links and link them up. I do wonder if I am making things harder for myself. I there a way to save where the graphics change but the links stay the same?


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