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Thread: Datalink cgmxl files

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    Datalink cgmxl files

    Hi There.

    I am using Livetext to create CGMXL files that have 2 textboxes and 1 pic that should be data driven. The text in the text box is not wrapped when it displays on screen. I have the 410 AE. Also, how in the work do you insert a picture in Livetext and turn it into a datalink. It is easy to do with text, but I am unclear with a picture. I am feeding the info in from the Google Chrome App.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You'll probably want to build in LiveText, then edit in TriCaster to insert the DataLink keys.

    I'm not positive if LiveText is able to export the CGXML in a way that will contain a DataLink image key. Maybe someone else can chime in here.

    In the TriCaster Title Edit window, you can right-click on a replaceable image and the context menu will have a "Properties..." item. In there you can enter a DataLink key, URL or select an image.

    To create a paragraph text area in LiveText, I find it's easiest and most reliable to put in stand-in text so that it pushes the bounds of the box out rather than drawing out an area.

    Start a line of text and hit enter, optionally adding more text, to expand it down. Do that to get the desired height of your box and have one line somewhere that will expand it to the correct width. You can also set your alignment to centered, left or right now before you export or change it in the editor later.

    When it creates the CGXML, it should make a paragraph area which will wrap properly until the point the text flows off the bottom and is cropped.

    If these titles are used on a Standard Edition TriCaster, it will show up as individual lines. Those models don't understand paragraphs.

    In the TriCaster, you can then change the stand-in text to be just your DataLink key which will then expand out into the value of that key.

    I hope this helps.
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