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Thread: Facebook doesn't give profiles

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    Facebook doesn't give profiles

    It's really weird. After an afternoon of trying to get facebook to work with my 8000 AE I am bewildered. I did get it to work once. Did mostly the same thing all afternoon, trying different combinations of projects. Everything looks good. I click on the facebook preset. Sign in. The interface says that I connnect. Then I look at the profiles box and there is nothing there. (actually there is nothing there even before I sign on) Without the profiles I can not go any further. I can try to stream but the TC gives me an exception error and nothing happens. I do also get a white windows error box stating a bunch of errors)

    One time in the afternoon it just worked. I had the profiles, I clicked on 720, 15xxkbs and magic.........streaming. Tried again (for the next hour an a half and nothing.

    Anybody got any ideas?

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