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Thread: Livetext/Photoshop Compatability

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    Livetext/Photoshop Compatability


    My graphic designer created a bunch of lower thirds and full screen graphics in Photoshop, but I wanted to use Livetext to create a vertical scroll and data-driven graphics. The font in Photoshop is a gradient color that I would like to match in Livetext. Is there any way of doing this easily? It is difficult to match up the font. If I import from Photoshop into Livetext, I can't edit the graphic. Any suggestions?

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    As far as matching the font, you can copy the font from the PC to the TriCaster, so it will be exactly the same. On the other hand, another possibility (although not using Datalink for update from dynamic sources) would be to use Premiere or After Effects and the free Adobe NDI connector (which would allow you to play out graphics with animations, etc).

    Would love to chat as I'm here in Chicago. PM me with your contact details.

    BTW, we just had our first Chicago/Midwest TriCaster users group meeting yesterday ... so it's nice to know of lots of local resources you can tap into and I'll add you to our list to contact with next meeting in a few months.


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