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Thread: Multi-Thread In General and Specifically Bullet

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    Multi-Thread In General and Specifically Bullet

    Quick question about multi-threading. I'm running LW 2015 on PC with a Dual Xeon E5 with 32 CPU (logical processors). I have been on a Mac for years prior to this. Seems like whenever things get real slow I look at the CPU usage and only one CPU out of 32 is pegged. What the heck. Maybe it's just what I am doing at the time, I'll keep an eye on it. Right now I am running Bullet and waiting for "Simulating Dynamics" and it is crawling on not too complex of a fractured object. I have TWO Nvidia Quadro K5200's. Is there some tweaking I should do or is it just what it is, some things are multi-thread some not?

    (*I moved this question out of another LW Community thread instead of hijacking theirs)

    Thanks for any replys!
    Brad L.

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    I have TWO Nvidia Quadro K5200's.
    Fracture/Bullet does not use GPU AFAIK..

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    Bullet is not multithreaded as far as I know in the version that is used in LW, they did add some GPU (OpenCL) support though in the later versions ( ) so I guess it will be one day.
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