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Thread: Lightwave plugin called "Hot ocean"?.

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    you need to read the PDF instructions as its not just the plugins that are needed, you also need to replace/add some files in different directories (cant remember off hand but its in the documentation) and I think possibly you need some extra python stuff that is not always installed by default but is in the lightwave install requester.
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    now it works:-)

    Thank you very much for your help @rustythe1, qerikals.
    playing around with some settings, and itīs an amazing tool.

    and by the way, itīs a terrain creator :-)

    best regards

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    @kievi, Glad you got it working!

    @erikals, Thanks for posting those links! It completely slipped my mind that Denis created a 2019 nodal version. Judging from my comment over there, I probably have it installed already.

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    Its included in Blender's Modifiers as well.

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    @erikals, Thanks for posting those links!
    u welcome!  

    be sure to understand the limitations of HOT though, it is cool, but no miracle.
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