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Thread: Will LW Next support Quadro ios app?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelT View Post
    Laptops that don't have a numeric keyboard usually have numeric keys accessible on the standard keys, when pressing 'Fn'. At least the ones I've seen. Also, the new video is also trying illustrate how key presses are unreasonably difficult. That sort of trash talking don't go well with people. They should show how the tool does something better. Then there is no need to even bring things like that up. The fact that they do just puts flags above it.
    Doesn't work on mine, not by default & I couldn't find where to activate that feature...unless it's built in after Mac OS Yosemite or its a 3rd party tool?

    EDIT: speaking of numeric keyboard or any other hard coded shortcuts, I hope LW3DGroup makes them user customizable in LW Next...hint..hint

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