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Thread: Total inputs with AE

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    Total inputs with AE


    I've searched all sorts of documentation trying to figure out exactly how many inputs a TC 8000 gets with AE. Obviously, the 8 physical inputs, but then does it go to 4 NDI inputs instead of just the 2 net? I've seen online where it says 4 "more" which would make me think 6 NDI inputs total. Additionally, on the CS for the 8000, how do I access those additional inputs?

    Basically, we have a dual channel Compix graphics system that doesn't play well as NDI inputs. So we would need to use 4 physical inputs just on graphics. That only leaves us with the other 4 physical inputs for cameras, plus we would need a minimum of 4 NDI inputs for two channels of replay plus two additional cameras we're converting from SDI to NDI via vMix.

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    All 12 external inputs can be NDI. Up to 8 of those can alternatively be SDI or analog.
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