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Thread: Using Bullet with an object that uses a mdd...

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    Using Bullet with an object that uses a mdd...


    Again with bullet isues... I have an object animated with a mdd file. I want to use it as a kinematic bullet object but it seems Bullet doesn't 'see' it. How could I do to use that object as a bullet element?


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    The issue is that MDD displaces the points in an object but it's not actually moving the object from its origin, and by default Bullet is looking for actual motion of an object to respond to.

    Fortunately, you can make Bullet respond an MDD object. First, set the MDD object to be a Bullet Deforming object. Next, set Shape Retention to 100% and Shape lock to Translation or Translation and Rotation.

    FYI, the calc times might seem high if the MDD object is very high res. If that's the case, you can speed things up by using a lower res object for the collision calculation, and then swap it out for the high-res version for final rendering.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have to fix something (dynamics framerate, subdivisions...) because parts escape from that object, but... It works!

    Thanks, Greenlaw!


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