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Thread: Missing Codecs

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    Missing Codecs

    The version I have is Speededit 2.
    I am editing my project in in 1080 HD as I always do. Before today I could render my project in uncompressed 422 or QuickTime or QT H264 with no problem.
    The problem that I am having as of today is that all those options seem to have disappeared. When I go to the render page and try to render an Uncompressed AVI or QuickTime or H264 all I'm getting for video is WMV.
    It's seems all the codecs disappeared.

    Desperate for answer.

    William Richardson

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    Are you able to render to one of the NewTek codecs? Is QT still installed?

    If you need to reinstall QT you can safely do so for editing as long as you don't apply the browser plugins.


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