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Thread: Farewell to a princess

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    Farewell to a princess

    Hello Guys,
    Tried to capture the image of her lovely face and features, a bit clumsy maybe now I see when I compare it to the photography.
    May the Force be with you Princess Leia.
    Brown and black pencil, oil pastel and watercolor pencils on paper.
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    quite nice. love the colors and facial expression.   (ear position needs a fix)
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    Quote Originally Posted by erikals View Post
    quite nice. love the colors and facial expression.   (ear position needs a fix)
    True bro, thanks! I need to practise more. I love to do these things on real paper with real stuff.

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    Not bad..but some proportions are way off, ears are way back off..which yields an illusion of stretched head..
    Keep working on it, I should too

    maybe a softer jaw and not so much indicated as it is here, and remember..Carrie fisher had bambi round eyes.

    Good to tribute her, I was thinkin of the same, but with a 3d render, but I havent got the time to model here but was looking for a free model of here somewhere and just render out a nice image..but havenīt found anyone.


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