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Thread: Good Bless SPEEDEDIT ! ! !

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    Good Bless SPEEDEDIT ! ! !

    Guys ! ! . . I am simply speechless.... and I have been since 2012 when I finally decided to order my new Red Digital Camera so that I could finally put all my experience & studies into practice. . . . BUT ! ! ! SPEEDEDIT ? What about Speededit?

    I started editing back in 1998 on premiere 5.1 and suffered (at the time unaware) all the pains of what I now would call ”stupid editing" until I came across VT4 which of course included its own NLE.

    Not only VT4 was the best thing since slide bread and my a life saver, having had to link video cameras/clips to midi files (thank you young monkey) on various stage performances, but suddenly I discover that HEAVEN does exist ! ! YES . . . Speededit was HEAVEN to me ! !

    I can now definitely say that I am a SICK person . . YES ! . . . I have become a SPEEDEDIT dependant human being.

    Would you believe me if I said hat after having spent in excess of $22.000 on new equipment I have since abandoned my RED camera and, for that purpose, all my interest and love for my work ?

    No Speededit . . no Mauro behind a desk wearing the editor's cap ! ! . . just can't do it ! ! ! . .

    Recently I have been following courses on various NLEs, mainly AVID, CS6, as well as DaVinci Resolve in order to pull myself together and pick up from where I left off but ! . . . . no freaking way . . . the more I learn about AVID and in some cases Premiere, the more I realise that who design them could not possibly be a sensible editor himself and see all the silliness that is unnecessarily imbedded in those softwares. . . just can't touch them without getting EXTREMELY angry !

    After having used NT SE . . who needs all those windows ? . . . Who needs all those silly tools ? . . who needs the effects box just to get a picture in picture or whatever else ?

    The timeline is where we work . . . and that is all we need and indeed want to see on our screen ! . . . beside the output monitor of course ! . . . normally on another screen.

    I have 4x24” an 1x 2K 30” monitors but, using SE, I could and have been editing on only 2 monitors just as easily .

    It’s all there, within the mouse functions and some very simple and easily memorised shortcuts . . . non need to take your eyes or mouse away from the timeline in search for that silly little symbol . .

    no need for us to wear a “captain hat” in order to “ navigate” around a cumbersome screen in search of our next function. . .

    Who needs Audio 1 Audio 2 Video 3 etc etc . . ? ? ? . . Why being restricted to a specific area for video or audio ?

    It’s called “dictatorship” . . SpeedEdit is a DEMOCRATIC, friendly and kind software that negates nothing to the user, so why bring it to an end when it’s still well alive and kicking ? . . . Much more than any other software around ? . . . . It’s CriMinaL ! !

    Why can’t we all get together and speak nicely to NT in order to make them review their decision ?

    I’m sure that many of us, like myself, would stretch their hands deeper into their pockets in order to make this happen.

    Ultimately all we need is to incorporate a few more codecs into the software and allow it to import/ export XML files so that we can all bring our Proxy clips into our beloved platform and carry on with our lives ! ! . . . . to then re export them into some other tool such as DaVinci (for colour grading), Premiere, Avid etc . . . in order to apply our edits to the original Arri, Red or whatever footage and do the final export in perhaps DCP or QT Pro res . . . or what ever.

    Not much to ask for is it ? . . Mostly because SpeedEdit doesn’t need any improvements what so ever . . . it’s fine as it is . . . couldn’t fault it if i tried !

    I am sad and …. even more sad for those that haven't had a chance to know how splendid our work can be . . . I can’t live without a simple, clear, plain and efficient NLE to work with . . .

    Let’s make it happen ! !
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