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Thread: Magewell and NDI

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    Magewell and NDI

    Magewell has this big press release last year around NAB... what does it really mean?

    I have a Magewell USB SDI capture device on the latest firmware. As I read the press release, it sounds to me like I should just need to plug the device in to my computer and then see it as an ANDI device on any other computer on my network. But is this really the case? Or do I need to use something like NDI Connect to generate the actual NDI feed?
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    NewTek Connect or NewTek Connect Pro is needed to turn the Magewell source into NDI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZachSchuster View Post
    Magewell has this big press release last year around NAB... what does it really mean?
    It was not the most meaningful press release...
    and, for the USB Dongles, NDI Connect is indeed probably your only option. For the Pro Capture range Magewell have included an example of an NDI Sender application in their SDK package for Windows, and I've been working on enhancing it (as NDIZender) to include more support for the built-in video processing functions provided by the Magewell hardware.
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