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Thread: Adding Analog AUX1 ch1&2 to TriCaster Mini for $230.00 :)

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    Adding Analog AUX1 ch1&2 to TriCaster Mini for $230.00 :)

    *Actually any TriCaster with AE and Dante VSC installed on it but mentioned Mini to catch owners of Mini's attention
    Dante VSC cost $30 and once you license it on your TriCaster with AE, you now have Dante audio ability.
    Once this is completed, go out and purchase Amphenol Amphe-Dante RJ45 Audio Adapter with Two XLR Outputs for $199.00 or the One out version for $169.00.
    Next step is to connect the Amphe-Dante device to a POE switch and connect TriCaster to same switch to a port without POE.
    Next install Dante Controller software (free download) to a laptop or other computer on same network switch. Run the software and you should see the TriCaster as a Dante Transmitter and Receiver and this is because it has inputs and outputs. You should also see DA02-5002ab as a Receiver only as it is only an analog output device.
    Now wait a while for all the tabs in Dante Controller to populate with data. Open the Clock Status tab and you should see green lights for sync on both devices. For primary status, the DA02-5002ab should be master and the TriCaster should be the slave (Dante VSC will never be master as per Dante). Under preferred master, make sure the DA02-5002ab has a check mark. If not click on it to check it off.
    Now to route the devices we want the TriCaster transmit to be mapped to the DA02-5002ab receive
    TriCaster Transmit 1=TC Master ch1, 2=TC Master ch2, 3=TC AUX1 ch1 and 4=TC AUX1 ch2 (these are the only TriCaster outputs available via Danta VSC).
    The DA02-5002ab Receive 1=Ch1 and 2=Ch2 (as labled on the XLR connectors).
    So as an example, if we need TriCaster Mini analog output AUX1 ch1 and ch2 (which there is no physical connector on the Mini for AUX), we click to check DA02-5002ab 1 to TriCaster TX 3 and DA02-5002ab 2 to TriCaster TX 4. When you do this a green check mark should show up to show the connections have been made.
    Once the route has been enabled, you can exit Dante Controller and the DA02-5002ab and TriCaster will retain the connection.

    Test your audio and you will be amazed at the low latency the DA02-5002ab delivers

    Take care,
    Jose Burgos
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