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Thread: Display Drive Space/Record Time Available on TriCaster

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    Display Drive Space/Record Time Available on TriCaster

    Hi All,

    Really like the new features in AE2 and just have a quick request for a feature that I think would be helpful for me at least. It would be great to see the amount of record time you have on active drives when you start recording on your TriCaster, much like you see on the 3Play systems. I own a TriCaster 460 with AE2 and often now ISO record on it especially when doing conferences and live events. Sometimes on the fly it's tricky to calculate how much record time you have left and if you need to back up files during a break to make sure you don't max out the drives. The screen shot shows the error message I've seen recently when I have maxed it out, but some notification as to space left on active drives during the live session would be really helpful I think.


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    I agree. This would be helpful. I think it has been requested a few times before though.


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