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    Viewing full recording

    Hi there.
    I'm trying to understand something that's probably very simple, but I've been through the manual and this and other discussions but haven't come up with the answer.

    The original 330 allowed you to play through the full recording - you could start the recording by selecting the very first item in the list and press play. This way, you could go back to the "source" recording and create new clips from items you may have missed, etc. Also, it was a great way to show someone how to use the system - load up an existing recording, remove the clips below and let them watch the game and create new clips as it went along.

    We've had a 425 for a while and I've personally never used it much, but last week we had it recording some additional camera feeds. The primary replay was an EVS. I wanted to find a specific time in the match afterwards and could not find a reasonable way of doing this. In this case, there had been no events created on the 425 for the duration of the event. The only way to scrub beyond the end point (in some cases it's a 1 frame clip?) is to use ALT and then fast jog, and if you then find the moment you want, I can't find a way to mark an In - as soon as I release it takes me back to the previous end point. Is there a way to have a single clip say at the top of the clip list which contains the entire recording or some other way of going through a recording and creating clips from it after the fact?

    Many thanks.

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    The reason that you can mark your In point is that you can't set an In point after an Out point. Mark an Out point a bit further down the clip and then you can mark your In point before it.
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