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Thread: Lightwave not using all ram

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    Lightwave not using all ram

    I'm having a strange issue with lightwave 2015.3

    In one computer (win 10 64 bit exacore 16 gb of ram ) since one week lightwave doesn't use all the available ram...
    When I load complex scene i get a warning of no memory..the screen becomes black, start blinking etc. on another computer with the same feature everything works fine as usual....
    The crazy thing is that if I open the same scene on my main workstation 32 gb of ram octocore the layout says that there are only 400 mb feee of ram and on the 16 gb computer it says i still have 4 gb of ram free...

    i made some test with ram software etc...but everything seems fine no ram problem (apparently)

    What's happening?

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    Have you a scene to share ?

    Look if you have no duplicates (objects, textures, etc...).
    Have you check if it did not come from an object in particular ?
    Have you tried to load the scene in LW11.6.3?

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    Drag'n'drop the all objects that you have in scene, one by one,
    observing memory usage, (or even make screen-shot for each of them, will be easier to compare),
    and perhaps that will tell you which object is causing problems (if it's object).

    Did you check what is gfx card memory usage? Maybe it's no memory on gfx card, rather than on-board.. ?


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