This idea (first thinking to cycles for modo as well) is quite old, and why not ?, that I wanna to build for Cycles for Lightwave on plugin but it will not for now, it can make some long process, before to make it I need to collect some information for development, are there any tip to do it to know and any example as from scratch for small raytracing to interact lightwave (of course some code here) ?

Welcome to idea, feature, comment, tip and other, I still am new to Lightwave so thank you to understand.

Can it develop in C++ to create a plugin for Lightwave ? What function to integrate a render engine in Layout? Is there possible to make or convert to node shaders for Cycles in Lightwave ? How to create in own ui in lightwave for option on Cycles ? If in the futur I want to sell Cycles for Lightwave, what price to quote it?

Hope to make it in concrete and it brights to contribute.