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Thread: Tricaster 40 and Facebook live

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    Tricaster 40 and Facebook live


    One of our clients have their own Tricaster 40 installed in their event facility.

    Now they want to stream to their own channel and to Facebook live.

    Is this possible when not having TC AE?

    Best way of implementing a secondary encoder?

    Andreas @ MediemerAH in Sweden.

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    I've not done Facebook Live with a TC40, but it should be a similar setup to what you see in this video at the below link. (You will not be able to use my app to transfer the information, just manually type in URL and ID).
    Kane Peterson
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    Hi. Yes you can.
    you neeed to use new connection and use RTMP see this video

    this is not the interface of a tricaster 40 but the steps are the same

    Tricaster is the best thing that i've used since I played with my atari
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    I have successfully streamed to Facebook LIVE with my Tricaster 40 v1

    I have a Tricaster TC40 v1 Updated Tricaster to Rev. 5g 010614 (the latest update Newtek has for it and I also updated IE to ver 11 (The latest Microsoft has for IE) I still get notifications in the Tricaster streaming browser window saying the browser needs to be updated. But that doesn't apply for this solution so it doesn't matter.

    After trying to get it to work within the outdated Tricaster streaming browser window (and even after updating the IE browser in windows) it still would not work. I could go to facebook from the Tricaster streaming browser, start a NEW "Adobe Flash" connection, get a stream key, copy and paste into Stream ID but then it would fail starting the live video when I tried to Preview the stream and then it would just say "OFFLINE".

    After some trial and error. I ended up using my laptop to start the live facebook stream, then generate a Stream ID or Key, copy that key from my laptop into the Tricaster streaming browser under Stream ID. Then click "Test Connection" or just click the STREAM button (The same thing) on Tricaster. Then from the laptop, click "Preview" the stream...if video shows up (which it did), you can then click "Go Live".

    I used Google Keep to copy the stream key from my laptop to the Tricaster's streaming broswer...and pasted the key into Stream ID.

    The ONLY info you need to enter into the Tricaster Streaming browser window is:

    Stream ID
    Streaming Profile (I used 1280x720 at 2048k)

    Those are the only 3 things you need to successfully stream to Facebook Live (other than a laptop)

    You do not need to enter a user name or password.

    Hope this helps others trying to do the same thing....Happy streaming
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    Struggling with Facebook Live with a TriCaster XD 455.

    Understand that the URL and stream key can't be copy-and-pasted from a new Facebook Live stream in the TriCaster browser. After finding a suggestion in this forum, I was using the workaround of initiating a new FBL stream with a secondary computer, pasting the URL and steam key to a Gmail message, and opening Gmail in the TC browser to retrieve the URL and stream key.

    This method is no longer working for some reason.

    Tried some options using XML guidelines found elsewhere in this forum, as well as modifying one of the default stream profiles with a new FBL URL and stream key.

    Upon importing a profile saved with fresh FBL credentials, my TriCaster will sometimes populate the URL field, but never populates the stream field.

    Anyone have success in inserting the required FBL credentials in an older system? Going out of my mind!


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