Hi all: was tempted to put this in COMMUNITY since so many LW users use 3dCoat, but thought this was more appropriate.

Anyway, 3dCoat is a challenging, for me at least, application to become fluent in, because A) there are SO many features, and B) they are not especially well-organized.

This video ( https://youtu.be/HlMSsUI_t5E?list=WL&t=234 ) illustrates the 3DC CURVE tool (and incidentally reference image functions) which is very powerful. I grabbed the URL at what I felt would most excite LW users, the placement of premade items, eg chain links, along a very flexible curve. There's even a bit of IK-like stretching within boundaries to make sure you don't get partial links.

Chain is the obvious use case here, but I'm sure creative modelers would find many uses for this feature.

For static situations (ie not a dynamic chain) this seems extremely powerful. Enjoy!