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Thread: A ghost from the past..

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    A ghost from the past..

    I have a client who needs animations delivered in what amounts to the old .flm format. A single png with all the frames arranged vertically in order. I remember way back in the day using this to do effects (I'm talking 80's here...). It doesn't look like Premier still has it. Maybe a tortuous macro in Photoshop.. I'm hoping someone knows of some software somewhere that could do the conversion.
    Any ideas?


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    You could try imagemagick's command line append command.

    Or look into what your client is ultimately doing to find a more efficient way to accomplish what they need. That file format looks to be obsolete.
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    Autodesk Animator? Runs under DosBox. May beeee ish.

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    It looks like the open-source converter FFMPEG supports that format, although I don't know if their implementation is compatible with what your client wants. Here's a sample command line that converts a TGA image sequence with 3-digit numeric file suffixes (e.g. 001, 002, etc.) as input to produce a .FLM output, assuming the FFMPEG.EXE file is placed in C:\ after the installation:

    c:\ffmpeg -f image2 -r 30 -i "N:\Frames\Movie_rgb_%03d.tga" -an -r 30 -aspect 16:9 -b:v 50000000 -s 1280x720 -pix_fmt rgba "N:\Movies\Movie.flm"

    I don't have any facility to play back the .FLM file, so I don't know if the conversion worked or not. As well, note that this command specifies a frame rate of 30fps (-r 30), aspect ration of 16:9 (-aspect 16:9), and a resolution of 1280x720 (-s 1280x72) which may need to be changed for your conversion.

    BTW, the conversion was really slow and produced a really big .FLM file. The FLM file was 432MB (yes, that's four hundred thirty-two megabytes!), while the equivalent MPG file was 1.8MB, and the original frame store files were 25.8MB for a 120-frame animation. As ernpchan says, it'd be great if your client could take the RGB framestore (in TGA, TIF, whatever they can import) or almost ANY other format than FLM format.

    FFMPEG is available here:


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    The software is some kind of proprietary software that runs kiosk style gambling games, so well outside of our broadcast/cinematic world.
    As it was.. Legacy software to the rescue! Found a really old copy of AE on an older machine that converts it without a hitch. Just a selected choice on output. that's why I never throw things away....


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