I think with NewTek's new emerging strong TriCaster market for which SpeedEDIT is a great tool along with plain old "I ain't quittin'" attitude from NewTek about their flagship editor SpeedEDIT could easily cause a stir in the industry. Who else has the knowledge and coolness to produce a product like SpeedEDIT. Never give up...Keep Moving Forward.

Perhaps an incentive program where SpeedEDIT users become commisioned salesmen authorized to "sell" a friend on SpeedEDIT and get $50.00 or something. I think SpeedEDIT should be priced around $250.00 and also bundled with LightWave.

SpeedEDIT I think should be influxed into the education system...Newtek already has the contacts send them a download link and some instructional videos...let the kids play and learn with NewTek.

I also understand that NewTek has to PAY APPLE royalties for every use of quicktime...get rid of it or use those new "unlocked" quicktime codecs so we don't have to pay Apple everytime we use the darn thing.

I'm not the smartest in the bunch but all these options seem better than dropping the ball. - SLF