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Thread: Skype call in HD

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    Skype call in HD


    is it actually possible to have skype call in HD or is there any software limitation?

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    Skype software can work up to 720p resolution if your webcam supports it and you have the bandwidth, these are not high specs to come up with on current hardware these days. If you want a 1080p call, you need to have a supported webcam with a hardware encoders (like the Logitech C920).

    If you are talking about TalkShow, the same rules apply. If you want to get a 1080p call into TalkShow, the Skype caller would need to have a supported hardware encoding webcam being used, otherwise you will probably max out at 720p resolution.
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    Yes, is about Talkshow. We currently have an unit we are testing.
    What about if caller is on mobile phone?

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merovingio View Post
    What about if caller is on mobile phone?
    Depends on the phone. 720p is pretty common on most current phones, I've never seen a mobile phone give 1080p. Some low end phones might not even give you 720p. WiFi is usually better than cellular, but cellular can also depend on the carrier (Verzion, AT&T etc) and caller location.
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    So there is no such a thing like a software limitation from Skype to prevent HD calls? I am asking because they told us that if you want hd calls from skype you have to subscribe as pro user and pay a montly fee.

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    That is absolutely untrue. There is no need to subscribe to Skype Pro for HD calls.
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    thank you

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    Hello! Sorry to bring this up from the past but my doubt relates to this issue also. I'm using two talkshow 100 connected to each other but never managed to pass from 720p up. Each one has a tricaster feeding via sdi 1080 50i.
    I've read the manual about udp direct connections but everything seems fine and still i dont have a full HD link. And i have 100 mbits upload on each wan. I also tested inside the same network and it also happens. Whats wrong? Shouldnt i be able to reach full hd as i've read here?


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