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Thread: FReq: Weight map visualization for 2 point polychains?

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    Lightbulb FReq: Weight map visualization for 2 point polychains?

    I don't have much of a suggestion here for methodology, perhaps we can rip off some other application's method, but:

    Oftentimes I find myself assigning gradated weight maps to what will become 2pt polychains , like so:
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    While they are 2d or 3d, this is easy, although inherently imprecise, in Modelers Weight Shade display mode. However, once such a rectangle is reduced to 2pt polychains, the weight map is not visible in the vuports at all.
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    I think perhaps the ability to hover over a given point and have the weight map value displayed would be good-- there are some commercial plugins that display the value but IMO they often become crowded.

    Perhaps something like a "display every Nth selected point's value", a hybrid of the commercial plugins' approaches, would be viable. This would also be useful for 2d and 3d meshes and w.maps. Or it could scale with the view, displaying values only in a fashion wherein they are all legible.
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    Show Weights?

    If there would be better text printing functions in the Draw Access structure like calculating size of text, or any info about view port, there would be a way to filter too many overlapping texts.
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