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Thread: Longshot: anyone have SX-8 and/or connection hardware? (Daughterboard, etc.)

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    Longshot: anyone have SX-8 and/or connection hardware? (Daughterboard, etc.)

    I have an older (non-pro) VT card. It's been a workhorse all the way through VT-5.

    I'm doing more live work, so I'd love to add an SX-8 to the system. Bare SX-8s are all over Ebay, but none of them seem to have the additional components (daughter board, rear panel) necessary to connect it to the edge connector on the above card.

    Does anyone have an unused SX-8 (with the daughter card bits), or possibly a dead VT system they're willing to part out for me?

    (Again, this is for an older non-pro VT card. I got on this train a long time ago).

    Thanks, Toasters!

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    I'm in the same boat - looking specifically for what is needed in terms of cables and daughter card to add an SX-8 to an original VTNT card.
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