3D visualization-engineer-entry-level

For those who are interested, our company just posted an available Full-Time position with benefits for a 3D Rendering and Visualization Specialist. You would have to relocate to just outside the Boston, MA area. We use an industry specific 3D rendering tool (that you will most likely need training) along with the company's own propriety engineering software tool. Although knowledge and skill in modeling is appreciated, you will not be responsible for creating geometry (at least for now). Python scripting knowledge is a strong plus!

The candidate also needs to have strong skills and experience with the Adobe Suite of video editing software and have a strong graphic design sensibility.
Web authoring knowledge will also come into play. We also deal with Live 3D Stereoscopic interactive design reviews and are getting into creating content for Oculus Rift types of devices.

Good news is that this is a great place to work. Bad news is you'll be working for me (kidding of course!)

Go to the link above to apply and include your best stuff for your portfolio. Remember, your design sense is everything (including how your resume looks).

Good luck!