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Thread: NDI SDK and VB.Net

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    NDI SDK and VB.Net

    Hello all

    I see there is no example code in SDK.

    Is it possible to develop applications with the NDI SDK in VB.Net? If not, is it planned for future?


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    I'm dredging up an older thread, but yes, the next version includes a VB.Net NDI send example that is nearly identical to the C# version.

    For convenience, I've added the existing C# pinvoke classes to an example managed assembly that should be useful for any .net language.

    If you enjoy F#, L# or Eiffel, knock yourself out.

    Note that you will need to distribute this new assembly, plus both Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll and Processing.NDI.Lib.x86.dll with your application.

    The old .cs files are still included for those who wish to use them, in fact those are exactly what is in the new assembly.

    I have to admit that none of us here are familiar with vb. This is the first time I've personally ever used it, so we really won't be that helpful for language specific questions, only NDI SDK related questions.
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