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Thread: FReq: new Instancing parameter: Radial Array rotation

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    Lightbulb FReq: new Instancing parameter: Radial Array rotation

    While you COULD just rotate the Instance Generator itself, for completeness I think it would be good if the user had the option to ROTATE the radial array when in that mode in the Instance Generator.

    ---For one thing, the instance generator might be being used by several objects, or be a parent, or probably several other things, that would become complicated if the generator were itself rotated.

    How this would work:
    A simple angle parameter would rotate the START and END angles already extant in the RADIAL ARRAY MODE.

    That's really about it. Of course, it would have an Envelope and Nodal entry points, etc etc.

    (Case LWF-811) FReq: add "rotation" to Radial Array mode of Instance Generator
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