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Thread: Is it worth learning Lightwave in 2016? (Mainly for modelling and rendering)

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    The future looks bright for LW with the new stuff coming in the next version. Also there is a decent amount of 3rd party renderers to choose from if LW's doesn't cut it for you. Upgrading your old license seems like a no-brainer if you ask me. For training just go to Youtube - there is tons of stuff there for free.

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    San-LW, I switched to Modo as my main modeling app last summer. I got in just as Modo 901 was launched and have not looked back. Except for rendering. I love Modo for its modeling, but I have yet to get familiar with their shader stack. I just can't do it.. However, with Octane on the team (I own Octane both for LW and Modo) it's becoming more familiar again.

    I went to a school a couple of years ago where they taught Maya. I liked it, but it still wasn't LightWave. When I tried the Modo trial, I felt at home because a lot of similarities from LightWave, but also the best bits I liked from modeling in Maya was present. I was surprised!

    I can't speak much of of Modo's rigging and animation tools though, as I've barely touched it. In my daily job I model, UV, make a good looking clay render and get on with the next model in line.

    All though Digital Tutors might not be the best for those above 101 levels, they have some good videos about Modo for beginners to learn the ins and outs.

    If you have any questions regarding Modo, let me know.

    I don't know what will make me upgrade to the next version of LW until I see it. But it must be insanely impressive.
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    it really depends, imo LightWave is by far the best modeler when it comes to modeling SubD characters.
    if you add LWcad it's one of the best modeler for CAD.

    however it lacks quite many other modeling features, and no-one unfortunately knows for sure when it will be fixed.
    maybe 2018... maybe 2020...

    The future looks bright for LW with the new stuff coming in the next version.
    on the Layout side that is... an answer i snapped up earlier from one of the programmers is that LWG will update Layout first, then Modeler*

    *subject to change
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