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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Hi All!
    I tried to do a FBX export of a character out of modeler with genoma bones and anima import will not recognize the bones. It will import it as a model. Does anyone have a work flow from modeler to anima?
    Hi !

    Exporting from Modeler will not create a bone rig in your model.
    You have to go to Layout and convert the Genoma setup into a bone rig.
    When exporting your model from Layout in FBX format it will now contain the bones.
    You can check your FBX model with the free FBX Review tool for example to see if it contains a rig.
    Anima will try to recognize the bone hierachy but mostly you will be asked to map it accordingly to their naming convention.

    Anima accepts only single mesh objects.
    Cloth should be part of it and not another layer. Like a sculpture or 3D scan model for example . . .
    Separate not connected parts result in penetration issues when motion is applied.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kopperdrake View Post
    I think I read that there was - I believe there's an hour wait though, but it was in the online documentation when comparing the various license options. Worth checking because there's mention made somewhere on their site, just don't take my word for it and buy it on my feeble memory
    I just read the manual.
    "Please note that this process can be done every 24 hours and has a limit of 3 times per year."

    That's a bit strict.

    I wonder if they would ever consider a steam version. Floating license that's handled by steam itself so no concurrent licenses but still flexible.

    They would sell a ton more licenses like Modo indie, Substnace and Marvelous if they consider Steam.

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    Some docs importing your own characters.

    So its straightforward with 3dmax biped. Why am I not surprised

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    Thanks Marcus.

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    hi everyone, trying to get an anima 2.5 DAE file into LW. i'm having an issue with the textures, which cannot be found. did anyone find out the trick to load all textures for the respective characters?

    EDIT: found it out in the meantimes: textures need to be on the same path hierarchy level as the DAE file.

    @newtek: in an updated version of the collada importer it would be nice to have a dialog asking for missing textures paths.


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