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Thread: Who's using SpeedEDIT and what are you using it for?

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    pretty good reason.. HA!
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    But I think we would have stayed with SE if the software had been further developed. The design of the editing process in SE is still unparalleled.

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    I stay with SE because it's fast, easy to use, and accepts anything thrown at it. I have Vegas and Resolve as well, but rarely use them when work has to get done. Resolve's editor sometimes bogs down making it unusable. I had to do a project that had clips that neither Vegas or Resolve would accept. SE had no problem with the clips. Phil, please do everything you can to convince NewTek to upgrade and bring SE back. We need it!

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    Echo many of the comments made previously. Still editing daily with SE. Have tried Vegas but just don't like the interface. Would love to see SE continue - after 30 years, hard to teach an old dog like me... With the acquisition move to 4K, might be harder and harder to continue to use SE.

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    Just chiming in here. I use SpeedEdit2 for everything. It is my only editor. I've been editing video since the 1980s, and this is by far my favorite method of editing video. Seriously... Newtek should take it to the next level. Do what apple did, and give it away to colleges everywhere, along with a learning curriculum. Have the next wave of graduates well versed in the ways of Newtek's SpeedEdit2 (or 3). Make video production companies invest a small amount into purchasing the new SpeedEdit software for these great new employees.

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    I use it for everything. Everything else is just... lame, programically speaking.

    I mean, how many other editors do you know of that do not require you to specify how many tracks of video or audio you want to work with? They all CARE!!!! SE doesnt. Just put your media on the generic timeline canvas and you're done. That's genius.

    Many other programs require you to change timeline mode when you want to move a clip, and then change mode again when you went to cut a clip, or select a specific track to apply a fade... lunacy!

    One program even insists that you tell it how many frames long you want a transition to be. WHY? Can't it just figure it out from where I put the overlaps? NO!

    And one program whose name I will not mention insists that everything you want to put on the timeline be OF THE SAME RESOLUTION AS THE TIMELINE!!! AND EVEN THEN IT HAS TO 'TRANSCODE' IT!! And they charge you BUCKETS OF MONEY TO BUY THAT CRAP!!!

    Newtek got it right the first time. It's sad they got it wrong now bu shutting it down. It's even sadder that no-one has built a near-enough copy if its intelligent operation.
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    I use SpeedEDIT at least a few times a week, mostly editing, compositing, LightWave integration. Checkout this composition made in SpeedEDIT for my hometown's paranormal team..."THE HASTINGS PARANORMAL TEAM" using SpeedEDITS incredible motion panning skills. I LOVE SpeedEDIT! Thanks Philip!

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    Another cool video with tons of SpeedEDIT compositing and motion production - A tribute to Martin Luther King...Logo made in LightWave this is a grammy award winning group project - "The Sounds of Blackness"

    SpeedEDIT JUST KICKS ***! (excuse my french)

    p.s. I also produced the music for this song while located in the old Prince and janet jackson hangout - Flyte Tyme Productions Studios in Edina, MN

    With all the motion on the stills this video would have taken way way way longer to produce on any other editor i have used.
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    NDI Camera
    TriCaster Mini Advanced Edition
    Lightwave 11
    SpeedEdit 2.5

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    I use speededit for all my projects including just sound, help with local community theater and do a lot of custom sound efx. Also edit together songs for local ice skaters and dance clubs. ice skaters need song versions in various lengths.

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    Mainly YouTube videos as well as adding layers of CGI from LightWave to video.
    Favorite Waves: LW3.5, 5.6c, 7.5, 8.5, 9.6, 2015.

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