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Thread: More control in Live Text

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    More control in Live Text


    I'm not sure if this has already come up in the past or if there's a reason it can't but I was wondering why Live Text doesn't have the capability to transition between pages? Would this not be fairly simple to do? It would make a massive improvement to the overall quality of the graphics rather than just having a straight switch between pages when sent out live. At the moment it just seems too basic for the cost of the software, I also find it to be quite glitchy in general with things like the motion controls. Is Newtek looking to develop this further or is it likely to remain as it is for the foreseeable future?



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    ive seen very little of livetext updated over the past 8years. move onto another CG if you want pages transitioning.
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    I needed to do this recently, and the solution I came up with was to duplicate my graphics to both GFX1 and GFX2. Then it is a simple matter to call up your next graphic in whichever GFX input you are not using at the moment, and transition with whatever effect you want. It's nice because there are a bunch of popup tabs on the sides of the graphics window(s) so you can group things how you want, and not clutter your GFX's bins up.

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    Alternatively, if you have Advanced Edition (either V1 or V2) any element in any DDR or GFX bin can have transitions between them ... use it all the time and it's sweet!

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