I just wish I was involved with this little gem:

Narration: "There is something new in the field. Renewed Becel. Made with a blend of sunflower, linseed and rapeseed oil. And free from artificial colors and flavors. That makes Becel so healthy and so tasty."

The animation has a nice feel and atmosphere.
And its very different from the usual busy characters on TV these days.

And this is its successor:

Narration: "The new Becel with Butter has the refined taste of butter but contains 50% less saturated fat than butter. And is spreadable straight from the fridge. Becel with Butter is made with a blend of vegetable oils and butter. The oils in Flora naturally contain omega 3 and 6 which are good for the heart, they contribute to maintaining a healthy blood cholesterol levels."

Interesting to see if I could replicate some elements in Lightwave.