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Thread: Large number of Lower thirds

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    Large number of Lower thirds

    Hi Newtek

    We have a upcoming production that has a large number of lower thirds associated with it. What is the best way to work with these with the tricaster mini. We find the box that houses the cg elements in the live interface just too small to be able to work with a large number of keys.

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    I know what you mean, when you have a lot of lower thirds from same template, you can't tell which name is which in GFX player.

    First off, you have the MEM SLOTS that can help organize media into different bins so you don't have dozens/hundreds to scroll through in one bin.

    Next, I would recommend dedicating one of your Display outputs to GFX1 for instance, then when trying to find the correct graphic to put up, you can see them nice and big on their own screen before taking it LIVE.

    Or are you talking about using LiveText on another PC?


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    It's an understandable problem with no easy solution. Jeff's idea isn't bad at all.

    To try to help with this, when you edit the first line of a title, that will become the alias of the item in the DDR/GFX, etc.

    Normally, especially on lower thirds, this is the uniquely identifiable set of words.

    You should expect to see this as the name of the item and also in the tooltip.

    If they are just brought in with no changes, then the alias will not be set, you'll need to edit the title or set the alias yourself.
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    Another possibility would be to use an external PC and Photoshop. You can copy a file right to a buffer, over the network, and the system will update it. That way, you can keep a screen up on the PC that has a larger display ... and you can name the files so they make sense. I'd put a shortcut to the buffer target folder on the desktop so dragging it over can be done quickly. And, also, you don't need to save the Photoshop output any differently than the usual PSD file format as the TriCaster will interpret it properly, natively, including the Alpha channel (just create the initial template with a transparent background, which shows up as a checkerboard just as in the TriCaster).

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    I have asked newtek to implement the livestream way of handling this. One template, One Spreadsheet with the text with a simple pull down that lets you select the name you want on the template. I had an awards ceremony that had 220 lower thirds, we ran it with the livestream box simply because of their lower thirds implementation.
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    I often use a single title page with DataLink keys to update the information. ( There are lots of ways to updated DataLink keys, and more in the works.)
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    This weekend, mostly because of John, I moved from using Photoshop for my forecast pages to using LiveText (standard version) and DataLink. I have the same template showing up in six different frame buffers with different variables for each city's forecast (I do multiple stations). Different data/same template.

    This will probably cut my font entry work in half. Photoshop is a great program, but it's not made for text entry.

    A csv file is saved from my spreadsheet to the datalink folder and voila -- I'm set.

    Now -- if there were only multiple datalink folders, like frame buffer slots. Could be a very powerful tool.


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