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Thread: Virtual set edito Lightwave9 plug in

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    Virtual set edito Lightwave9 plug in

    Hello everybody.
    I'm a proud user of VT5 and recently i started working/playing with provided, standard virtual sets.

    Whist to create more, but Newtek official answer is that they do not have more VT5 products.

    They focus me on the Virtual Set plug in for lightwave 9, but really do not know where to obtain it or obtain a LW9 (they do not sell anymore ...)

    Any help?

    Thanks a lot,

    Federico Allegretti

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    VSet for VT5 can be done by both LightWave and Aura. I still have those plugins.
    PM me with your email and I will try to send them to you.
    Chen Pan

    [email protected]


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