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Thread: Need help with a simple rig

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    Need help with a simple rig

    Need to have three bones who's ends meet at the origin be controlled by a 4th bone that is translated. the effect being end points of the larger bones move in unison while the base of each stays in place. The 3 bones should change length as the 4th bone moves around in space. I'm assuming I need to do IK but I'm messing things up.

    The bones were created in modeler (skelegons) with the points on the origin welded, then converted to bones in layout.

    I'm assuming there is an easy setup for this (I hope)

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    Make each arm in the chain into two bones, the exterior bone is fixed. Then, if you want, you can add all three to a null for rig mobility.
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    Thanks. I started to do this based on some tutorials, but how do I make the outer small bone fixed?Click image for larger version. 

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    And to have the null move only the points on the bone that are on the origin?

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    If you use joints instead of z bones you can do this. Just constrain the joint tip to your control item.
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