How to set up a Pull stream on a TriCaster 455 or 855

Problem Description and Steps to Verify/Reproduce
This Article addresses in-short how to setup a Pull stream.
NOTE: Pull streaming is referred to as “Simple” streaming on page 87 of the TriCaster User Manual. If you do not have a device handy capable of scanning and loading the manual you can manually navigate to them from the Windows Desktop. They are located along the following path:

Steps to Fix/Workaround
1. In the “Live Production” panel, click on the Gear icon next to the “Stream” button,
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this will open the “Configure Stream Connection” panel.
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2. Under “Connection” click on “New”
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3. You will be presented with a box titled “Choose Connection Type”. From the list choose “Windows Media Pull” , then click OK.
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4. Now you need to choose a “Resolution” from the pull-down menu.
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5. With a resolution selected, click the “Test” button. The IP address of your computer will show up in the “Location” field
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You can now close the “Configure Stream Connection” panel, and click on the “Stream” button. Your system should now be performing a Pull stream. You can provide the IP that showed up in the Location field to those on your network that you want to view the stream.
NOTE: The IP address much contain a colon at the end followed by a port number inorder for it to work.
NOTE2:If your machine is behind a firewall or router you may need to refer to Chapter 15 of the manual for more elaborate details on setting up a stream under these conditions.