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Thread: Fellow Lightwaver Dick van Dyke is 90!

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    Fellow Lightwaver Dick van Dyke is 90!

    Fellow Lightwaver Dick van Dyke is 90 and celebrated at Disneyland!

    It's not news that most actors are a mess, working actors not much better psychologically. I'm talking to you Charlie Sheen!

    That's why it's great DVD is still around. He's smart, funny, upbeat, a LW animator, actor, dancer and more.

    He was nice enough to show up at the LW booth at Siggraph along with William Shatner for one of the trade show years ago when Siggraph was still big. Shatner doesn't use LW but is a friend of NT.

    Anyway, DVD told a great story then about Walt Disney at the NT booth. Dick was doing "Mary Poppins" for Disney in Burbank, possibly the studio's greatest live action movie. Dick wanted to play two roles and told "Uncle Walt" that "I'll play the second role for free!"

    Walt replied "You can play the second role if you make a donation to my art school Cal Arts." That's where Walt trained his next generation of slaves. So van Dyke had to do it. That's what made Walt the king, arm twisting those beneath him who were trying to be nice team players just to make himself stronger Too funny and very much in character for a studio mogul.

    A NT employee at the show told this story about DVD:

    Siggraph was in LA one year and I got a call from DVD who needed LW help. I thought "oh boy, I have to go all the way over there during a trade show setup to teach some dumb actor how to make a ball."

    Well he got there and ... firstly, he noticed the largest flat screen he had ever seen (they were still rare in large sizes at this time). Then Dick walked in and said "I'm animating a rhino chasing my grandkids and I am having trouble emitting dust particles when it's feet intersect the ground."

    So much for stupid questions! They spent the next hour working it out. No DVD is not your typical W.H.A.M. (waiter huster actor model). We need more actors who are animators!

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    He is one of my favourite actors. When I knew he also uses LW I was shocked. At firts I thought it was a name coincidence, but when I saw that animation himself dancing I had no doubt All of us know how much time somebody have to spend to achieve something in 3D. If this person hasn't grow with computers like old people they have merit

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    I remember quite well the show at Siggraph with W. Shatner. It was a lot of fun.

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    Had the pleasure to chat with DVD at the Newtek Party in Hollywood. Proton introduce us and we swapped LW stories for about half an hour. Great guy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by short223 View Post
    Had the pleasure to chat with DVD at the Newtek Party in Hollywood. Proton introduce us and we swapped LW stories for about half an hour. Great guy!
    That was a fun night.

    He is an amazing guy and I feel honored that I got to spend time with him. My first training session with him was one of my most memorable moments.


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