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Thread: Prominence, a science-fiction adventure game built with LightWave

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    Prominence, a science-fiction adventure game built with LightWave

    Our tiny indie studio has officially launched the Windows PC version of Prominence, our first-person, point-and-click science-fiction adventure game.

    More than 95% of the art in the game was built/rendered in LightWave (9.6!) with some help from Photoshop and After Effects. More than 65,000 images were rendered, totaling over 100GB. Like many point-and-click adventures, the art is all pre-rendered.

    Reviews in the gaming press are quite good so far (,,

    Here's the nickel tour of the gameplay and features. It shows some of the objects, environments, and animations. It’s from our Greenlight campaign on Steam, but it kinda ended up everywhere, including PCGamer.

    Here are a few screenshots from the finished game (click for full-size versions).

    Sample concept to model development:

    Sample inventory item close-up:

    I used Matt Gorner's Animated Limited Region script a lot (with Ken Nign's Info Saver Script and some workflow tweaks), Worley's FPrime (for previews), a good dose of IFW2/Nodal Textures, and a bit of LWCAD (thought I'd use it a lot more, but it didn't work out that way). Also used a few plugins from TrueArt, Pictrix, Mike Green, Denis Pontonnier's DP Kit, a few renders with UberCam, and many free scripts and plugins from the amazing LW community.

    If you're interested in the story, just say the word and I'll post some details. You can also see more at the official site:

    This was a passion project developed over several years. Now that it's complete, I'm excited to (finally!) jump into LW2015 and try out all the new stuff.

    Happy to reply to any questions, and feedback is most welcome. Thanks!

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    Looks cool Thanks for the name check, it's always interesting to see what people are using my scripts for!
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    You're welcome! Thanks for the tools! I put both you and Denis down for donations through your respective sites because you guys do so much for the community and you give away so many helpful goodies. Hopefully it'll be in time for the holidays!

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    This project is Awesome because the cornerstone ingredient was Love.
    But ...
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    Congrats on the release. The game looks amazing. I can't imagine how much work went into this, especially the story and game play portion. It must have been a challenge to create the game flow while figuring out all the different puzzles. I got goosebumps watching the preview clip because it took me back to when I got Myst for Christmas and spent hours trying to get through that game.
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    Congrats, that's massive amount of work, very cool demo video.
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    wow .. proud of you guys..

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    Always great to see Lightwave used in games.

    Great work, congrats!

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    Nice...Nice graphics, and I like the concept, the idea of colonization or exploring alien worlds etc is something that is appealing to me, though I am not a gamer really, so not sure I can find it in me to have patience with it..but I have to say that I like the game idea, upon first look it might not be that advanced in reality interaction...maybe in future version, on the other hand it may not be necessary.


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    Looks awesome! :+) I love that old-school puzzle-game format. I bought it, but had to get a refund: no Mac version. :-(

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    This reminds me of a game I used to play called, "The Crystal Key"
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    Looks really cool ! Get a Mac or iOS version and I'm in !

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    Thanks for all the kind words! You guys know better than anyone how much work went into the art for something like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrStrik9 View Post
    Looks awesome! :+) I love that old-school puzzle-game format. I bought it, but had to get a refund: no Mac version. :-(
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainMarlowe View Post
    Looks really cool ! Get a Mac or iOS version and I'm in !
    Sorry we don't have a Mac version for you guys (yet). We had to start with Windows PC version. I know many LWers use Macs nowadays. If the game does well, we'll be able to fund the ports to iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux. Time will tell!

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    Looking through the concept art, I notice some of this was done in 2006. That's dedication. You did a great job bringing it to life!


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