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Thread: Setting up Kinect One for NevronMotion in LightWave 2015

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    Unfortunately that promotion ended awhile ago- my finding this information out was via contacting support. It's alright though, I wouldn't expect a promotion to last indefinitely.

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    Hi Greenlaw, thank you for your effords on making this tutorial.
    It brought me back to the KinectOne, I never got it to work properly, and now a few years later I'm trying again.

    I got the numbers to move in the device manager until I restarted my PC, now it says Unavailable. On top of trying to solve this myself I removed the device from my Device Manager, never able to put it back....
    This leaves me back at the same problem years ago, when I tried to get it to work. Any tips on this? I reinstalled the SDK v2.0 and reinstalled the plugins on Lighwave...

    Thanks in advance.
    Ruud Zeelenberg

    WizzArt Animations

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    I upgraded to Lightwave 2019, and I also have kinect v1 and v2 connected to my computer. However still can not get kinect one to work with the kinect 360 also connected. I use brekel pro body 3, and was able to get the nevron retargeting program to work. Which to many the only good thing that came out of Nevron Motion.

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