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Thread: Setting default Backdrop resolution?

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    Setting default Backdrop resolution?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hey all! Just wondering if anyone knows a way to set the default Image Resolution option.

    Tried searching the forum, but came up empty. Any insights would be appreciated.

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    I use a one pixel image (for backdrops), but now, I believe the latest and greatest versions have an automatic set up. lightwave takes that one pixel and stretched it to fill the frame. If you are referring to a default camera size which results in a default image size, that is in your > options > defaults > default frame size. You can also go into > render Globals > near the top is Resolution, to set it there, it will remain till you start a new scene where it will return to the default.

    The window you show is in modeler and it really doesn't have a default resolution, but whatever you set there, and then save all, it will be there till you change it or start a new model. The reason being, is you can get your backdrop images from many sources and they might be in many different resolutions, you can set each of the four windows in modeler with a different resolution image (I believe, although I might be wrong there).


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