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Thread: Skype interface missing

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    Skype interface missing

    One part that is really missing for me is the ability to OK a contact request. The way it is set up now requires us to run a second Skype computer just to add them to your contacts. This causes all kinds of problems as you can imagine. There also seems to be no way to import your existing contacts from my skype account. For someone who has already been using skype wanting to switch over to TalkShow this is big step backwards.
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    Is it just me or is this feature still missing?

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    The original Skype TX software used a separate contact list, different than the one for the account you signed in with. This was the Skype/Microsoft design, not anything we controlled. Since then, in newer versions, Skype TX uses the normal Skype contact list for the login account. Off the top of my head, though, I'm not positive whether you can directly accept incoming contact requests or not in Skype TX.
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