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Thread: Examples of the New LightWave Volumetric and PBR Engine

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    This is great news. I am really looking forward to LW2016.

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    Holy cow that is beautiful!!

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    I'm just gonna say - though a lot of people are frustrated that Rob & the Dev Team are a lot cagier than they'd like about the state of LW dev and their internal roadmap, I'd much rather see that than have a product manager who promised the earth, but only produced a broken, unusable app that was in a pre-alpha state and Osbourne'd the company's current main sellable product.

    The new pics are great, and I'm really excited to have a good alternative to hypervoxels. I'm more excited to hear that integration and architectural improvements are going to make an appearance in this update. I'm doing quite a bit of projection mapping and set extension these days, and LW's non-integrated modelling causes me a lot of headaches. So hopefully we'll see some changes on that front. And maybe even a unified Undo stack?

    As for the new pricing structure, yeah it could've been handled better. I think it's better to - as reasonably as possible - encourage all users to be using the most recent version of the software. I'm a pre-charter user, and am on 2015 already, but even if it means me losing my "special" status, I think it's worth getting more LW users current by dropping the upgrade price to $299 (post LW2015).
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    I'm very excited about these new features, very nice work team!

    and lightscape, what thread about PBR? and I made a Substance painter compound a while back, if it's useful?

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    Thats greate news.
    Does it work well with maps created with exsternal applications like DDO, Substance Designer and 3dcoat?


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    hmm looks legit... want more
    new web page up

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    Quote Originally Posted by mav3rick View Post
    hmm looks legit... want more
    It is absolutely legit and that is why I am talking about it now. More details will be coming over the next few week, starting this week.
    Rob Powers

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    I'm totally unimpressed with the timing of this thread Rob. It's 1.30 am here and I was about to go to bed. Now I'll just sit here and hit refresh for a few hours
    Seriously tho, well done Rob and congratulations to the entire development team. Can't wait to see more and hear about all the changes. Kudos guys and gals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobian View Post
    I'm very excited about these new features, very nice work team!

    and lightscape, what thread about PBR? and I made a Substance painter compound a while back, if it's useful?
    Its somewhere in this forum.
    Substance is more than the static texture outputs. Integration is vital since most appz are sharing its base features and sbsar files.
    Dynamic, animatable effects.

    even Iclone and Fuse have Substance technology.

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    Wait, let me get my really small violin to play along to the 'everything else has this' song Well I made a nice compound, I can't do magic with nodes

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    Great to hear Lightwave has a new render engine! I can't wait to get my hands on it to learn it and test it! I'm also very curious to see the new Lightwave UI that I assuem Mat has been working on these past few years! Lightwave would have to have a new UI in this upcoming version wouldn't it?
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    Whoah... these are some damn fine renders Rob! Sneaky dev team, working so hard and so quietly!
    Thanks for sharing! Grinning from ear to ear right now!
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    Wow !!! this is fantastic

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    You had me at $295.... But, now... I'm in, baby!!!!!
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