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Thread: Weight maps and UVs, animatable or not?

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    Weight maps and UVs, animatable or not?

    Hello everybody,

    Could these params be keyed? can I have points with zero value for their weights that changes during time? what about UVs?

    In my naīve guess I thought morphing will help me but it did not about weight map. if I can derive weight map via texture then it will be possible. is there such a process?

    Thanks in advance.

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    UV Morphing:
    As for the weights only if you are using them in a nodal enviorment, you can interpolate between any.

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    Not sure what you're going for here, but don't get trapped into thinking "Weight Map" per se: it's all just numbers, and very likely some alternate route is available, especially via nodes.

    I'm guessing you want a numeric value associated with any/all points, but you want it animated. That's a good question: I personally don't know if you can UV map an animated texture in such a way that, eg, the gray level is stuck to the vertices-- in this case the gray level is standing in for the actual Weight Map value. (Which would work, assuming you only needed positive values.)

    I'll be interested in the answer: if you figure it out yourself, don't forget to come back and post the solution.
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